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Lower High Creatinine Level in Diabetes Kidney Disease

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Lower High Creatinine Level in Diabetes Kidney DiseaseDiabetes Kidney Disease is one of the complications of diabetes and proteinuria is the early symptom. But with further kidney damage, creatinine level increases. High creatinine level is the common clinical feature of patients with diabetes kidney disease in the later stage. Moreover, high creatinine level in diabetes kidney disease is more serious than other kidney disease. So how to lower high creatinine level in diabetes kidney disease seems to be very important.

Creatinine is the normal metabolic product in our body. When you have kidney problems, especially to the stage of kidney dysfunction, the normal nephrons are replaced by fibrous tissues and the impaired kidney filtration membrane loses the ability of expelling toxins, thus the creatinine will build up in our body and can not be discharged. It will develop into kidney failure gradually. When high creatinine level appears, it means that half of your kidney function has lost. So lowering high creatinine level is crucial to patients with diabetes kidney disease.

The conventional treatment is to lower high creatinine level simply, for example, kidney dialysis. Dialysis machine acts as an artificial kidney, which can make the metabolic wastes and excessive water in our body move towards dialyzate. But it can not restore the impaired basement membrane. Even if the creatinine level is lowered, it is temporary.

You are suggested to lower high creatinine level from the basic causes---the impaired glomerular basement membrane. The Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective therapy. This therapy makes use of special herbs and penetrant device to achieve the goal of eliminating immune complex and diseased tissues, and at the same time repairing the damaged glomerular basement membrane. As long as the damaged glomerular membrane is repaired, kidney structure changed and glomerular filtration area expanded, the creatinine level can be lowered.

Some health care work should also be done along with the treatment, such as protection against getting a cold, control diet and emotions, control blood pressure and blood sugar, do not be too tired.

If you are patients with diabetes kidney disease, you are suggested to start from the underlying causes. High creatinine level is the external manifestation of kidney injury. You should focus on the impaired kidney tissues. In order to keep your kidney function well, you should do well in treatment as well as health care work. Hope you getting better as soon as possible! If you still have some questions, please consult the on-line expert freely or leave a message below. We are glad to help you!

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