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Early Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

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For diabetics, the symptoms of proteinuria, body dropsy, anemia, high blood pressure, and bad kidney reaction are very dangerous. Even if only has one or two, you also should pay attention to them. It is likely to trigger a major complication of diabetes -- Diabetic Nephropathy(DN). Diabetics must prevent the happening of the complication actively and learn its various early symptoms. Thus, what are the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

1. Proteinuria

Due to the increasing of glomerular filtration pressure and the change of the electric charge on the filtration membrane, there is only microalbumin in the early stage, while there is no globulin increasing. That is selective proteinuria. This state may last for years.

2. Edema

Early patients have no swelling generally. A few patients may have mild edema before the decreasing of plasma protein. Dropsy will appear when urinary protein is over 3 grams in 24 hours. Obvious body dropsy appears only in patients whose condition developed rapidly.

3. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is widely appeared in patients with kidney disease. Serious kidney disease is often getting with hypertension. While high blood pressure can accelerate the progression and deterioration of kidney disease.

4. Renal insufficiency

Kidney disease is progressive. Azotemia and uremia are its final outcome.

5. Anemia

Diabetes patients with obvious azotemia may have mild to moderate anemia which can not be cured with iron. Anemia is often dyserythropoietic anaemia which may be related to long-term protein limit diet and azotemia.

6. Retinopathy

It is not a symptom of kidney disease. But it often coexists with kidney disease.

Senior kidney disease experts remind that diabetic patients with above early symptoms of diabetes renal should get medical help as soon as possible.

Aiming at characteristic symptoms of diabetes, patients should have a low salt, low fat, and high quality protein diet, complement with Dialysis and anti-infection treatments at the same time. Some patients with severe condition should undergo symptomatic treatment such as blood enriching, calcium filling, electrolyte disorder correcting, blood sugar controlling, and diuresis detumescence.

It is effective to combine the external use of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and the internal use of herbal soup. This double footed therapy can strengthen the maximum effectiveness to hold the diabetic nephropathy progress to renal failure or uremia.

If you have interest in this therapy, you can email to to get a reply or the herbal formula based on your condition.

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