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Diabetic Kidney Failure Symptoms

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According to a study, the most common type of kidney failure is diabetics due to its damage to the kidneys. At the early stage of kidney failure, a diabetic may have no symptoms. However, as failure progresses, symptoms begin to develop. Although symptoms are various, symptoms of kidney failure helps you to seek prompt treatment. Following are several diabetic kidney failure symptoms.

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1. Swelling

Fluid buildup is one of the earliest signs of diabetic kidney failure. The fluid can not be process out as urine and begin to collect around the body. It appears anywhere in the body. It often occurs in the extremities, especially the legs. Besides, a swelling in the vicinity of eyes may appear in the morning.

2. Urine Changes

A diabetic suffering from kidney failure may notice their urine takes on a frothy or foamy look. This is because of a change in protein levels in the urine, namely proteinuria.

3. Stomach Problems

If you begin to develop an upset stomach or vomiting frequently, they might be signs of diabetic kidney disease. When the kidneys cannot discharge the fluids, the excess fluids and waste would end up in the blood. This can lead to a loss of appetite. You may  have no desire to eat.

4. Anemia

As the kidneys fail, there is less stimulation for the production of red blood cells. A low red blood cell count can lead to exhaustion, dizziness and weakness. Also, if you have anemia, you may notice your skin or gums are pale. Anemic patients often suffer from headaches.

If you are suffering from above symptoms, it may be a sign of diabetic kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended by many experts. It is designed for diabetic kidney disease. If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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