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How Does Proteinuria Occur in Diabetic Nephropathy

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In recent decades, the morbidity of diabetes is on the rise, so does diabetic nephropathy. Long-term high blood sugar level will cause many discomforts. Well, how does proteinuria occur in diabetic kidney disease?

How does proteinuria occur in diabetic nephropathy?

Kidneys are two bean-shaped vital organs within our body. And one of their main responsibilities is to purify blood by excreting wastes and preserving useful substances like protein, etc.

However, when the “blood-cleaners” are exposed to high blood sugar level for a long time, the glomerular basement membrane will be damaged gradually. In this condition, proteins will leak into urine, resulting in proteinuria.

In it’s early stage, there can be microalbuminuria. However, in it’s advanced stage, large amounts of proteinuria will occur.

How to treat proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy?

Nowadays, diabetic nephropathy has become the leading cause of kidney failure. Therefore, both early and effective treatments should be taken to eliminate proteinuria.

Medications Mostly, drugs including insulin and steroids are prescribed by the doctor to lower blood sugar level and control proteinuria. However, if the dosage is changed without your doctors’ permission, the condition may relapse easily.

Lower blood pressure If you are suffering from hypertension, ACEI or ARBs will be used to control blood pressure and protect kidney function.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle In daily life, patients can take some proper exercises to control blood sugar level. Meanwhile, the consumption of protein should also be restricted.

Improve kidney function To treat proteinuria from the underlying cause, the most important step is to improve kidney function. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is highly recommended. By doing so, proteinuria can be well controlled.

Proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy should be treated early, otherwise, gradual loss of kidney function is more likely to come into being. Would like to get any help? Please click the Live Doctor immediately.

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