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Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms

How to Get Rid of Protein in Urine due to Diabetes Type 2

Two common causes of proteinuria are diabetes and high blood pressure. Often proteinuria is the fist indicator of kidney damage. Well then, how to get rid of protein in urine due to diabetes type 2? Now, lets have a look. Protein in urine i...Read More

How to Lower 7.2 Creatininie for Diabetes Nephropathy Patients

My father suffer from diabetes more than 20 years, and now he has a high creatinine level which ups to 7.2. How to lower it? the question comes from a person who consult our Online Doctor. In the passage, we will discuss the issues in detai...Read More

Can Creatinie Level 3.5 in Diabetic Nephropathy Be Reduced by Diet

Diabetic Nephropathy patients are prone to suffer from high creatinine level due to kidney damage. Creatinine level 3.5 is obviously higher than the normal range, which means that diabetic renal disease patients have a severe kidney damage....Read More

How Diabetic Nephropathy Leads to Renal Failure

Diabetic Nephropathy is the common complication of diabetes which is associated with uncontrolled high blood glucose levels over periods of years. People who develop diabetic kidney disease usually have no symptoms early on, so it can be ig...Read More

How to Treat GFR 17 for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Diabetes

Low GFR is very common symptom for Chronic Kidney Disease patients which refers to gradual decline of renal function. For people with diabetes, they are more likely to suffer from kidney damage. Well then, how to improve GFR 17 for chronic...Read More

How to Treat Profuse Sweating for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Diabetic Nephropathy patients are very prone to suffer excessive sweating, especially during the sleeping. To know how to treat profuse sweating for them, you should have a certain understanding about how does profuse sweating occur in this...Read More

How Does Constant Hunger Occur in Diabetes

For diabetics, no mater how much food they take, they will become thinner and thinner. And they always feel hungry. How does increased hunger occur in diabetes? How to manage this condition fro diabetics? To know the latters answer, lets le...Read More

Why Does Sweet Taste in Mouth Occur in Diabetes

Some people with diabetes always complain they have a dry mouth and sweet taste in their mouth. The serious condition is they still have such feeling even though they have not ate sweet foods. Why? Is there any connection between sweet tast...Read More