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How to Control Creatinine 3.2 and High Blood Pressure in Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-05-01 19:11| Font Size A A A

In recent decades, more and more people have been afflicted by Diabetic Nephropathy. In this article, you will find methods to control creatinine 3.2 and high blood pressure in diabetic kidney disease.

Generally speaking, the creatinine level can be kept at a normal range by our kidneys. However, when exposing to high blood sugar level for a long time, the “blood-cleaners” will be damaged over time. As a consequence, they will not be able to do his job properly. Except for purifying blood, these two bean-shaped organs are also responsible for the adjustment of blood pressure. And that’s how creatinine 3.2 and high blood pressure occurs.

Medically speaking, creatinine 3.2 is the 3rd stage of kidney disease, which means more than 50% kidney function have been damaged. As for high blood pressure, if left uncontrolled, it will lead to some disorders including stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and so on. Thereby, it is essential to take timely treatments.

How to control creatinine 3.2 and high blood pressure in diabetic nephropahty?

It is acknowledged that the onset of creatinine 3.2 and high blood pressure are due to decrease in renal function, so, the key point is to repair the injured kidney structures and improve kidney function. At our center, treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Thearpy, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be good choices. Once kidneys can work normal, the above-mentioned symptoms will be controlled well. Which kind of treatment is suited for you? Please feel free to consult with our online doctors!

Additionally, sufferers also need to eat less creatine supplements and salted products as much as possible. In normal life, take some moderate exercises like walking, Tai Chi and so on regularly are also helpful to control high blood pressue and high blood sugar.

If there are any doubts about how to control creatinine 3.2 and high blood pressure in diabetic nephropathy, youa are always welcomed to leave us message below. Best wishes!

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