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Does Leg Swelling Occur After Having Kidney Dialysis

It is well known that dialysis helps to expel wastes and water out of body, so patients usually think that after dialysis, swelling will disappear. But the truth is that leg swelling occurs again more

How to Increase Appetite in Dialysis Patients

Do you feel nausea and vomiting? Do you have a poor appetite? If your appetite is not good, you may not consume enough nutrients to maintain the function of body, and then your kidney condition may more

Does Dialysis Revive the Kidneys

You may know dialysis, but what on earth can it do for you? Does dialysis revive the kidneys? Read on, you will find out the answer. Dialysis is a commonly used kidney replacement treatment for kidney more

Does Dialysis Affect Hemoglobin

Dialysis patients often have a low hemoglobin level. It can make you feel weak and even make your kidney condition worse. Does dialysis affect hemoglobin? Read on to find out the answer. In general, more

Natural Treatments for Dialysis Patients with Chest Pain

Dialysis is usually recommended when patients lost more than 85% of renal function, while, the treatment also can induce new healthy problems just like chest pain, which can affect the healthy life a more

How to Control Potassium Level of Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is a way to maintain life for kidney failure patients. But during long-term dialysis, some of you may have sudden numb fingers, mouth or lips, muscle weakness, slowed heart beat, bloated more

Can I Drink Cola If I Am on Dialysis

Dialysis can help remove metabolic wastes out of the body for kidney failure patients, but they still have to be cautious in their daily diet. Here, we will mainly talk about one topic: Can I drink more

Does Hemodialysis Remove Ammonia

Once your kidney disease develops to ESRD, it is likely for you to have ammonia odor in mouth. Do you know why? Does hemodialysis remove ammonia? Read on to learn more information. Cause of ammonia more

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