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What to Do with Creatinine 9.1 and Lung Swelling

Hi sir. My father’s creatinine level is 9.1. He is currently admitted to hospital. Doctor told his water has got into his lungs. They have told that lungs issue is due to kidney problem. The are plan...[Read More]

Can Stage 3 Lupus Nephritis Be Reversed with A Lupus Based Diet

Can stage 3 Kidney Disease caused by lupus be reversed with a lupus based diet?...[Read More]

Way to Reduce Creatinine 450

My creatinine level is 450. This is the fourth stage. Tell me the way to reduce creatinine level....[Read More]

How Can I Help Reduce Facial Swelling from Lupus

I have really bad facial swelling from lupus, how can I help this?...[Read More]

Diabetes and Elevated Creatinine 6.8: What to Help Kidneys Function Better

My aunt age 70 is a diabetic and is having elevated creatinine level of 6.8. What can I do to help her kidneys function properly or better? ...[Read More]

Does Foamy Urine Mean Stage 3 CKD Is Getting Worse

I have stage 3 kidney disease. Does foamy urine mean the disease is getting worse? ...[Read More]

How to Decrease Creatinine 2.85

My creatinine is 2.85 and it is increasing day by day, so please suggest me how to decrease it. ...[Read More]

What Herbs Can Help Lower Creatinine 5.29 Level

I read your website and learn that herbs can help lower high creatinine level effectively. Well then, what herbs can help reduce my creatinine level 5.29? ...[Read More]

Stage 4 CKD with Creatinine 5.5: What Does This Mean

My friend age 38 female has been detected with stage 4 CKD with creatinine level 5.5. What does this mean? We have just found out, so not on any treatment, but the doctor say that she may need dialysis...[Read More]

How to Recover Without Kidney Transplant for CKD Stage 5 Patients

CKD Stage 5. On dialysis 3x a week. Now experiencing swelling in the face. My prayer is how to recover without kidney transplant through medical and self healing treatment.My immediate concern is the s...[Read More]

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