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Latest Articles

Traditional Treatment for Patients with Creatinine 8, No Obvious Symptoms and Normal Urine

My 60 year old father has a creatinine level 8. Doctors have advised for dialysis but he has no obvious symptoms so far. He can urinate normally. So we are exploring traditional treatments. Please advice....[Read More]

Suggestions for Patients with 6% Kidney Function Who Don’t Want Dialysis

My wife is a diabetic. Her kidney function has dropped to 6 percent and she does not wish to go on dialysis. Any suggestions? ...[Read More]

Diabetic Nephropathy: How Can I Get A Relief from Swelling

I have Diabetic Nephropathy class 2b. How can I get it cured or at least a relief from swelling in India?...[Read More]

What Can Chinese Medicine Do for PKD Patients with Back Pain

I have polycystic kidney disease. I have terrible back pain because of the large cysts. I have no energy. What can Chinese medicine do for me?...[Read More]

What Can I Do to Stop Protein Spill With Diabetes

I am diabetic and have protein spill. What can I do or what supplements can I take to help or even stop the urine spill?...[Read More]

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