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Will I Continue to Stay at Stage 3B CKD

I have been at Stage 3B for 10 years. Will I continue to stay at that stage? Please advice! ...[Read More]

What Are Risks If I Have Enlarged Kidneys

I’m told that I have enlarged kidneys, what are my risks with the condition for long time? Please help me....[Read More]

Is There Any Problems If I Have Creatinine 1.4

My blood test shows that my creatinine level is 1.4, I want to know is there any problems? ...[Read More]

Is It Safe to Eat Alfalfa Supplement with CKD

Is it safe to eat a alfalfa supplement with CKD? Please give me the answer and thanks in advance....[Read More]

GFR 20 and Creatinine 3.65: What Is the Best Option

Hi, doctor. My current GFR is 20 and creatinine level is 3.65. What is the best option for me?...[Read More]

Advice for Kidneys Work at 20%

My kidneys work at 20%, what is your advice? Please help me and thanks in advance....[Read More]

Do I Have to Worry for Creatinine 1.05 and GFR 56

In my last lab test, my creatinine was 1.05 and GFR was 56, do I have to worry? ...[Read More]

What Should A New CKD Stage 3 Patient Do

I just told today that I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease, what do I do now? ...[Read More]

Creatinine 5.84 with Horse-shoe Kidney: Is There A Solution for the Condition

I have creatinine level of 5.84 and I have horse-shoe kidney. Is there a solution for my condition? ...[Read More]

How Can I Use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

I have kidney cyst and I want to try osmotherapy, how can I use? Please help me. ...[Read More]

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