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Herbal Tea for Patients with Kidney Disease

My grandma is a kidney patient, can you suggest me herbal tea for her? I’m really tensed about her. ...[Read More]

How to Prevent Progression for CKD Stage 3 in Children

My 6-year old child is on CKD Stage 3, what can I do to prevent kidney damage? ...[Read More]

Can Dialysis Patients Drink Black Tea

I’m taking care of my grandfather, he is on dialysis due to renal failure. My question is can he consume black tea? His doctor told him to avoid green tea but didn’t mention black tea. Is black tea...[Read More]

What Should I Do with Asymptomatic Polycystic Kidney Disease

I am a polycystic kidney disease patient and have no ailments at present. What should I do? ...[Read More]

Stage 3 CKD: What Is It and How Does It Affect My Life

I just found out I am in Stage 3 CKD, and what is it and how does it affect my life? ...[Read More]

What Does Stage 3 Kidney Failure Mean

I am in Stage 3 Kidney Failure and what does that mean?...[Read More]

Is It Required to Undergo Dialysis with Creatinine 7.8

My father’s creatinine level is 7.8 and he has been suggested dialysis. But is it required? ...[Read More]

What Herbal Medicine Can Help to Lower Creatinine Level

Hello, what herbal medicine can help to lower creatinine level? Please advice me! Thanks in advance. ...[Read More]

Treatments for Patients with Cortical Kidney Cyst

I’ve been told that there is one cortical cyst on my left kidney, and I have severe pain around my back. What treatments can I take now? Please advice!...[Read More]

Diet Restrictions for Patients with 70% Kidney Damage

My Kidney is damaged which up to 70%, what should I not eat? Please let me know....[Read More]

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