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Does Kidney Cysts Have Relationship with Hypertension

Does kidney cysts have relationship with hypertension? I am promiscuous about the condition. Could you give a answer? Thanks in advance!...[Read More]

Back Pain in Polycystic Kidney Disease

I have 40% of polycystic kidney disease, aged 46 woman. And I don’t know the size but I do get severe pain in left lower back and in front under ribs. I want to relieve the discomfort. Is there any s...[Read More]

How Can I Reduce Creatinine 4.9 in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

My creatinine level is 4.90 due to stage 3 kidney disease. I want to know: What type of treatment can be applied in the this stage? Please help me....[Read More]

Is Radish Root Good for Lupus Nephritis Patients

Is radish root good for lupus nephritis patients? My friend is suffering from the disease and looking for the proper diet and possible treatment. Please help her and thanks in advance....[Read More]

New Treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease

I have PKD and my kidneys only function 40% , because they are so enlarged and full of cysts. And the largest cyst may be more than 5cm. What treatment can help me?...[Read More]

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Cost

I am a CKD Stage 4 kidney disease and told to prepare dialysis by the doctor, but I do not want to dialysis. I find Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy on the Internet and wonder its cost....[Read More]

Is There Any Hope to Get off Dialysis through Osmotherapy

May dad is 69 years old and he is on dialysis since last year and he is diabetic, too. And his creatinine level is not too high and I just want to know is there any hope to get off dialysis through osm...[Read More]

Will Children Grow out of Nephrotic Syndrome

My 5 year-old son was diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome at age 1. He has been on perdnisone for a long time and now he has high blood pressure. I’m concerned the side effects of these medicines. Will he g...[Read More]

How Can I Treat PKD and GFR 14 with NO Dialysis

I have a question: I have stage five polycystic kidney disease and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is 14. I also suffer from high creatinine level but I do not want to go dialysis. So, what can I for ...[Read More]

Prednisones to Patients with Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulonephritis

Can predisones treat patients with mesangial proliferative gloerulonephritis? I have started taking the medicines but I am experiencing a lot of pain in my legs. Is there anything to help this conditio...[Read More]

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