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Can I Stop Kidney Damage with Polycystic Kidney Disease

Can I stop kidney damage with PKD? I am diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (stage 3 kidney disease) and I also suffer from severe pain and vomiting which make me uncomfortable. I will appreciated...[Read More]

How Do I Lessen Creatinine 3 with CKD

How do I lessen creatinine 3 with CKD? I am looking forward to available treatments such as diet. I will appreciate if you give me a suggestion....[Read More]

What Should I Do: Creatinine Increases to 7.2 from 6.1 within One Month

I’m a kidney disease patient with 20% kidney function, and my creatinine increases 7.2 from 6.1 within one month. It does increase so quickly. In this condition, what should I do?...[Read More]

Can Coconut Water Be Consumed by SLE Patients

I love drinking coconut water but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with SLE last year and I am not sure that whether I can drink this beverage or not. I will be appreciated if you can do me a favor. Than...[Read More]

What's the Latest Treatment for PKD

I would like to know what are latest treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease, which I have now undergo hemodialysis for twice a week. Maybe you can help me....[Read More]

Can Lasix Cause High Creatinine Levels

Recently, my blood test shows that may creatinine is 2.9 ml/min and before that, I was taking lasix for a long time. I have a question: Can Lasix cause high creatinine levels? Please help me and thanks...[Read More]

Can I Drink Beer with Kidney Disease

Can I drink beer with kidney disease? I was diagnosed with kidney disease and I want to know whether can I drink beer. Can you help me? Thanks!...[Read More]

What Does Creatinine Level 13 Mean

My recent test report shows my creatinine level is 13ml/min. My doctor suggest dialysis to me, but I do not willing to undergo this treatment. Could you help me? Thanks....[Read More]

How to Treat Right Kidney Cysts Size 91.8*45.9*8.4 mm

My doctor told me that my the cysts on right kidney is totally disfuctioning. And the renal cyst is 91.8*45.9*8.4 mm and I am very worried but also have no idea how to deal with this condition. Please ...[Read More]

Can Dialysis Lower Creatinine 9mg/dl

I am taking dialysis treatment because of creatinine level 9 mg/dl , but it’s annoying that why my creatinine level come back to 9 again after the dialysis? Is it real that dialysis can lower high cr...[Read More]

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