kidney disease
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Is There Any Hope to Get off Dialysis through Osmotherapy

May dad is 69 years old and he is on dialysis since last year and he is diabetic, too. And his creatinine level is not too high and I just want to know is there any hope to get off dialysis through osm...[Read More]

Will Children Grow out of Nephrotic Syndrome

My 5 year-old son was diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome at age 1. He has been on perdnisone for a long time and now he has high blood pressure. I’m concerned the side effects of these medicines. Will he g...[Read More]

How Can I Treat PKD and GFR 14 with NO Dialysis

I have a question: I have stage five polycystic kidney disease and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is 14. I also suffer from high creatinine level but I do not want to go dialysis. So, what can I for ...[Read More]

Prednisones to Patients with Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulonephritis

Can predisones treat patients with mesangial proliferative gloerulonephritis? I have started taking the medicines but I am experiencing a lot of pain in my legs. Is there anything to help this conditio...[Read More]

Can I Stop Kidney Damage with Polycystic Kidney Disease

Can I stop kidney damage with PKD? I am diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (stage 3 kidney disease) and I also suffer from severe pain and vomiting which make me uncomfortable. I will appreciated...[Read More]

How Do I Lessen Creatinine 3 with CKD

How do I lessen creatinine 3 with CKD? I am looking forward to available treatments such as diet. I will appreciate if you give me a suggestion....[Read More]

What Should I Do: Creatinine Increases to 7.2 from 6.1 within One Month

I’m a kidney disease patient with 20% kidney function, and my creatinine increases 7.2 from 6.1 within one month. It does increase so quickly. In this condition, what should I do?...[Read More]

Can Coconut Water Be Consumed by SLE Patients

I love drinking coconut water but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with SLE last year and I am not sure that whether I can drink this beverage or not. I will be appreciated if you can do me a favor. Than...[Read More]

What's the Latest Treatment for PKD

I would like to know what are latest treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease, which I have now undergo hemodialysis for twice a week. Maybe you can help me....[Read More]

Can Lasix Cause High Creatinine Levels

Recently, my blood test shows that may creatinine is 2.9 ml/min and before that, I was taking lasix for a long time. I have a question: Can Lasix cause high creatinine levels? Please help me and thanks...[Read More]

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