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What Should I Do with Diabetic Nephropathy

I have diabetes for about more than 10 years, and now the Diabetic Nephropathy has been triggered. And I have high creatinine level 3.8. What should I do to manage my illness condition?...[Read More]

Does Constipation Affect Your Kidneys

I was diagnosed with chronic constipation one month ago. And recently, except for bloating of the abdomen, indigestion and dry stools, I also suffer from back pain. I wonder that can constipation affec...[Read More]

What Does Mean of My Creatinine Level 4.5

My blood test shows my creatinine is 4.5 and I want to know what does mean of your creatinine level 4.5. Could you give me a favor?...[Read More]

Is High Creatinine Level Related to Hydronephrosis

Is high creatinine level related to hydronephrosis? Some patients who suffer this disease often ask such questions. How about the answer? Please keeping reading....[Read More]

Is Gouty Nephropathy Secondary to Chronic Kidney Disease

I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease at one years ago, and now my doctor tell me I have gouty nephropathy. I wonder that is there a connection between two kidney diseases?...[Read More]

Is Bitter Taste in Mouth Related to Lupus Nephritis

Recently, I have bitter test in my mouth, leading to poor appetite. I doubt that it is caused by my Lupus Nephritis. Is it that? Could you do me a favor?...[Read More]

Can Kidney Failure Cause Heartburn

I just look for some info about can kidney failure cause heartburn because I was diagnosed with kidney failure at two years and recently I have heartburn occasionally. Could you do me a favor? Thank yo...[Read More]

Can Septic Shock Be Caused By Kidney Failure

I just look for valuable info about is “can kidney failure cause septic shock” for my old father. Could you do me a favor?...[Read More]

Low GFR 32 and Flank Pain

My recent medical test shows my GFR is 32, and recently I feel severe flank pain occasionally. Why? And what should I do?...[Read More]

Why Dehydrate Causes High Creatinine Level

My uncle’s creatinine level is raised to 4.5ml/dl from 3ml/dl. Recently, he just was dehydrated and high creatinine level. I wonder that is there any relationship between them? Please help me. Thank ...[Read More]

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