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A Meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival Party in Hospital

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A Meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival Party in Hospital
The mid-autumn festival is an important festival for Chinese people. On this day, people will return home for a reunion with their family. But yesterday, the medical staffs in our hospital do not go home for this festival because they have something more important to do. They throw a party for patients with kidney disease from different countries.

At the beginning of the party, some foreign patients shared their experience about coming to China and about the treatment in the hospital. Some patients were with serious condition when they first come to China. But with the help of the staff here and the special treatment, their condition is getting better and better.

In most foreign countries, dialysis and kidney transplant are the last two choices for patients with serious kidney disease. But in our hospital, the special Chinese medicine takes an vital part in treating kidney disease. More than one patients said that with the special Chinese medicine, they have said goodbye to dialysis.

One patients said: “ in canada there are two ways,.either you go for transplant or you have to be on dialysis. I got a big improvement with the personal treatment here.” He also showed his gratitude to his doctor and said that the nurses and doctors here are like sisters and brothers.

They all said that they receive a good result in this hospital. This is what the medical staff want to hear. It is our responsibility to help them and take care of them. This is a wonderful part and all the staffs and patients spend a pleasant holiday in our hospital! Hope to see a further improvement of the patients’ condition.

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