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Typical Treatment for Atypical Membranous Nephropathy (Ⅱ)

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Typical Treatment for Atypical Membranous Nephropathy (Ⅱ)Xiaoya is a atypical menbranous nephropathy patient which is induced by Hepatitis. Her illness condition had been well controlled after the treatment. With proteinurine 1+ and hematuria 1+, she discharged from our hospital. In Sept. 2013, due to cold, her proteinurine increased to 2+ again. Thanks to discover timely, her competent doctor in our hospital regulated the dosage of medicines, her illness condition had got controlled soon.

In Jan. 2014, she came back to our hospital for test. During a period of the treatment at home, her illness condition was ideal. Although she had a cold, her illness condition get soon controlled and there is no any effect on her body.

This time the treatment mainly aimed at regulating body system. Due to previous treatment in other hospital, we found that she responded not well to the hormone, resulting in proteinurne which can not relieved. Whats’ more, her low immunity is bad for recovering health.

Hot Compress Therapy is one of therapies in our Seven Therapies. Act on bladder meridian of foot-taiyang with hot compress on bilateral Shenshu acupoints (BL23), use internal and external functions of bladder meridian of foot-taiyang and kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin, enter kidney along meridians, eliminate toxic pathogenic factors in kidney.

Shenshu acupoint (BL23) is the acupoint on which damp-heat and cold-dampness qi enter into bladder meridian and discharge externally. Therefore, hot compress is performed on this acupoint.

There are many similar external treatments of Chinese medicines. They treat kidney disease indirectly, but they can help clean immune complexes, strengthen therapeutic effects of oral medicines and enhance immunity.

Any treatment will damage body system more or less, what we should do first is to how to reduce the degree of damage so as to make more great curative effects. Then we should do is to how to relieve symptoms. From the short-term results, the therapy of the treatment has no difference compared to other treatment in other hospital, even the therapeutic effects is very slow, but we do insist and we do also think it is the right direction. To learn more info about her illness condition and therapeutic effects, you can talk with our Online Doctors directly or leave a message below.

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