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Is Dialysis a Must for Kidney Failure Patients

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Is Dialysis a Must for Kidney Failure PatientsIs Dialysis a must for kidney failure patients? Some patients think that dialysis is the only treatment to saving end stage renal disease patients’ life. Is it real? Here we will share a patient’s story in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. Then, you will find that there are many alternative treatments for uremia patients.

Mr. Zhang, forty years old, is a Kidney Failure patient. After many treatments, his illness condition still continues to progress. Eventually, he comes to our hospital and take the nature treatment.

Illness history for Mr. Zhang:

In 2013, he began to suffer from swelling or edema on the lower limb but can disappear after rest. Until 2015 year, he suddenly began to experience nausea, vomiting. The test reports in his local hospital show that:

Blood pressure:160/100mgHg; protein urine: 3+; blood urea nitrogen level (BUN level): 12.9mmol/L; serum creatinine level: 607umol/L.

Finally, he was diagnosed with Chronic Nephritis, Chronic Kidney Failure (renal failure period).

Treatment process in our hospital:

Actually, his illness condition is very commonly seen in our hospital. Since there is no regular physical examination, it is easy to ignore the kidney damage if kidney disease is in the early stage. For his condition, obviously, he had developed into kidney failure stage. What’s more, he refused to undergo dialysis, we adopt the innovated treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine after our kidney experts held a consultation.

Hot Compress Therapy

Using the thermal effect, the Micronized Chinese herbal medicine can be transplanted into kidney lesions, aiming to improve blood microcirculation and deal with the problems of ischemia and anoxia. It can help discharge out of toxins and wastes from the blood and prevent kidney from the further damage, thus protecting remaining kidney function.

Du Steam

Using the thermal effect, the curative ingredients will be permeated into the internal of the body through the skin, which can dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. The function can speed up the repairing of kidney damage.

Other support treatments

In order to strengthen therapeutic effects, we do also use other support treatments like Foot Bath, Mai-Kang Composition, Circle Therapy, etc.

Therapeutic effects after our treatment:

Creatinine level decreased to 232umol/L. And BUN level also be normal. And his whole physical status got well improvement.

If you want to recover kidney healthy as Mr. Zhang, you can email to or you also can leave your illness condition below directly and we will recommend an individualized treatment.

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