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Eight Years, Even If the War Ought to Have Been Ended

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Eight Years, Even If the War Ought to Have Been EndedEight-year war is arduous. Although we achieved the final victory, we also paid a terrible price. There is a girl called Xiao Mei also experience eight-year fighting with her kidney disease.

In February, 2007, Xiao Mei was diagnosed with kidney disease in her local hospital. Since then, she began to take treatment which lasts seven years. During the seven years, she did go to many hospital and accept different treatments. But it was frustrating there was no any improvements in her symptoms. The proteinurine was still at 1+ and 2+, and blood in urine is between 2+ and 3+.

Looking back, fast forward seven years and nothing has changed. Only she and her family known that how difficult. Until the eighth years, through the introduction, she came to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, going to try last time.

Here, although the treatment option are the Western medicine and Chinese medicines, it is still different from other hospitals. We do mainly use Chinese herbal medicines and western medicines are just the assist therapy. What’s more, the key point of treatment focus on cleaning the immune complexes rather than proteinuria and hematuria. The director doctor told her Chinese medicines have shown good efficacy on cleaning immune complexes and inhibiting the inflammatory response. According to her test reports and illness conditions, our doctor make an individualized treatment plan: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Maikang Mixture, Foot Bath. During the process, Xiao Mei not only get a good understanding about her kidney disease, but also illness conditions also get well improvement.

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