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My Medical Condition Has been Improved A Lot in China

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My Medical Condition Has been Improved A Lot in China
Hi, my name is Mansoor, 46 years old and I come from Pakistan. I was diagnosed with stage 5 diabetic nephropathy. The followings are my story.

Before I go to this hospital, I have already suffered from kidney disease for several years. My high creatinine level have lasted for 3 years and it has reached 1011umol/L. My potassium level is high to 5.19mmol/L. I also suffered from high blood pressure: 140/90mmHg. My urine output is 300ml/24h.

My doctor in Pakistan asked me to do dialysis two months ago. Dialysis made me suffer a lot. I really do not want to do dialysis any more.

I saw the website of your hospital by accident. I was attracted by the special treatment--Chinese medicine. I decided to go to China to try this treatment.

To my surprise, I really received a great improvement. My medical condition have been improved a lot. After arriving at this hospital, I took a series of checks. The doctor arranged me a set of stereoscopic therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including oral Chinese medicine therapy, enema therapy, which help to discharge the pathogenic factors, Hot Compress therapy and foot bath therapy. After a period of treatment, my blood pressure go back to normal. The creatinine level declines to 745umol/L. The most obvious change is my urine output, it increases from 300ml/24h to 1000ml/24h.

I am glad to share my story here and I hope it can do a favor to patients like me. I really appreciate the doctors and nurses in this hospital.

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