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Latifa, Polycystic Kidney Disease with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

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Latifa, Polycystic Kidney Disease with Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Gender: Female

Age: 52

Nationality: Moroccan Americans

Admitting diagnosis: Polycystic kidney disease lasts for 24 years, stage 4 kidney failure, GFR 19, liver cysts.

The medical report before accepting treatment: Carbon dioxide plasma 21.6, urea nitrogen 46mg/dl (the normal range is 9-20 mg/dl), creatinine 2.64 (the normal range is 0.5-1.2 mg/dl), microalbuminuria 14.5 (the normal range is 0-2.0), the total urine protein 260mg/l ( the normal range is 0-135 mg/l), PTH 151 pg/ml ( the normal range is 10-60 pg/ml), blood pressure 140/90

The following inspection items are all below the normal level: albumin 4.3, HCT 30.6, HGB 10.1, RBC 3.44

There is no effective treatment for polycystic kidney disease in the west. The only thing doctors can do is to control the symptoms. The disease will finally develop into end-stage kidney failure. Latifa wants to find a new hope and live a normal life, so she came to China for the Chinese medicine.

The treatments in China that she accepts: She received a series of treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot bath, Medicated bath, and Enema.

The functions of these treatments: All the treatments will help her discharge the toxins in her body, shrink cysts, enhance the immunity and improve kidney function.

The short-term effects: After 10 days treatments, the illness condition has been greatly improved. The urine protein turns to negative, the cold hands turn to be warm. The sleep quality has been greatly improved. She starts to sweat when accepts medicated bath, which means that the toxins in her body are discharged.

Her attending doctor believes that her illness condition will be improved a lot and the lifespan will be prolonged after a period of treatments. It is out of question that she lives to 80-90 years old if she takes good care of herself and cooperator with doctors.

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