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Terrisa, Philippines, CKD

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Terrisa, Philippines, CKD

Gender: Female

Country: Philippines

Kidney disease: Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD)

Illness conditon before coming to China:

In 2011, she suffered from severe headache and dizziness. The doctor told her that she was diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease. The creatinine level was 168umol/l and the systemic blood pressure was 150-160mmHg.

She married in Kuwait and took treatments in Kuwait between 2011-2013. Western medicines is the main treatment that she accepted. These medicines aim at controlling the symptoms and blood pressure. In june, 2013, she went back to Philippines, bring some medicines to control the blood pressure. In September, 2013, she went back to Kuwait again becasue of increased headache and dizziness.

Her illness condition worsened over times. She developed shoertness of breath along with headache and dizziness. The creatinine was as high as 1200umol/dl and the systemic blood pressure increased to 160-170mmHg. At that time, there was already no urination output.This situation forced her to do hemodialysis 3 times a week.

At the beginning of 2014, she came to China to seek for better treatment.

The improvements after taking treatments in China:

The treatments: Blood Pollution Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy and Enema Therapy. The doctors adjust the dose according to her condition.

The improvements:

1 days later, the tests showed that the creatinine was 876 and BUN was 13.6.

3 days later, the urine output increased to 50-60ml.

10 days later, the urine output increased to 550-600ml and the symptoms were relieved.

15 days later, the urine output increased to 700-800ml. Shortness of breath disappeared and headache and dizziness were relieved a lot. The systemic blood pressure was lowered to 80-100mmHg. The dialysis was reduced to 2 times a week.

Extra infromation:

Terrisa’s family once doubted that does Chinese medicine work? There is already no urine output! However, after a period of treatment, they are now believe in our treatments without a shadow of doubt.

Terrisa said:” do you have any borchure? We foreigners know little about Chinese medicine. You should strengthen the publicity of your characterized treatments and let more kidney disease patients enjoy the benefits.”

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