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A Patient Story with Stage 5 CKD And Diabetic Nephropathy

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A Patient Story with Stage 5 CKD And Diabetic Nephropathy
His name is Yaslam, 52 years old. He had been plagued by polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and emaciation for 20 years. Additionally, he suffered from abnormal renal function for one and a half years.

Condition before treatment:

After being admitted to our hospital, firstly we do a special examination, his BP is 180/90mm Hg, blurred vision, moderate swelling in the lower limbs. Meanwhile, other indexes show WBC 25.20/ul, RBC 757.60/ul, urine protein +++, occult blood +++, 24-hour urinary protein quantity 1.03g/24h, serum creatinine 639 umol/L, triglyceride 4.48 mmol/l, total cholesterol 6.82 mmol/L, Ccr 2.02 ml/min, blood sugar 14.3 mmol/L, urine volume 200 ml/24h.


Eventually, our doctors diagnoses him with Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, Stage 5 CKD and Renal Hypertension.

Treatments at our hospital:

During his stay(about 20 days), our experienced nephrologists recommend him with both Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and oral administration of lipid-lowering traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation, slow down the progression of kidney disease and repair the damaged the nephrons.

Condition after treatment:

Compared with before, his condition get improved significantly. With spirits lifted, blurred vision improved. Besides, other indexes show urine protein +, occult blood +, 24-hour urinary protein quantity 0.63g/24h, serum creatinine 462 umol/L, triglyceride 1.78 mmol/L, total cholesterol 4.78 mmol/L, blood sugar 7.0 mmol/L, urine volume 500 ml/24h.

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