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“What preparation should I make If I decide to come to here for the treatment?”. Many foreign patients will ask the question. Now, everything is listed below. Any questions, please call me directly, (). I am glad to help you.


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A Patient Story of Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

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A Patient Story of Stage 5 Chronic Kidney DiseaseName: Odoanselm

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigeria

Age: 46 years old

Martial status: Married

Diagnosis: Chronic glomerulonephritis, stage 5 CKD, renal anemia, renal hypertension, metabolic acidosis, bilateral renal cyst

Why come to our hospital for treatment?

He suffered from proteinuria for 10 years and swelling of both lower limbs for 2 years. Meanwhile, he underwent dialysis for 7 months. To seek for better therapeutic effects, he came to our hospital for further treatment.

Condition before treatment:

Hemoglobin 109g/L, red blood cell count 4.13×1012/L, urine protein +++, occult blood +, total carbon dioxide 11.9mmol/L, serum creatinine level 1006umol/L, BUN 14.9mmol/L, uric acid 338umol/L, transferrin saturation 21.08%, transferrin 1.41g/L, serum phosphorus level 0.96mmol/L, PTH 47.7pg/mL.

Treatment of our hospital:

During his stay, our experienced nephrologists take effective measures to correct anemia, lower blood pressure, rectify acidosis and supply vitamins; meanwhile, Hot Compress Therapy, enema therapy and foot bath therapy to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis and excrete toxins out of the body.

Condition after treatment:

Blood pressure 130/80mm Hg, swelling of both lower limbs disappeared, normal heart rate, 60 minutes/min, hemoglobin 109g/L, serum creatinine level 790umol/L, BUN 8.4mmol/L, uric acid 194umol/L.

Doctor’s orders:

1. Pay attention to rest, do moderate exercises, avid overwork and infections, keep an emotional balance.

2. Low-salt, low-fat, low quantity of high-quality protein diet, eat more fresh fruits.

3. Rational use of drugs and avoid nephrotoxic drugs.

4. Regular check-up for kidney function, electrolytes and so on. Whenever discomfort occurs, seek medical care immediately.

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