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Chronic Kidney Disease

Renal Parenchymal Disease Basic

CKD basics

To be precise, renal parenchymal disease is not a single disease. It belongs to CKD and it can caused by a variety of kidney disease. But they have one thing is common, that is renal parenchyma are impaired and patients will suffer develop renal dysfunction. Now, follow me to learn some basic information about renal parenchymal disease.

What is renal parenchymal disease?

Renal parenchymal disease a illness condition in which the outermost internal region of the kidney where filtration and urine formation occur. Renal parenchymal disease means kidney damage appears and causes lesions in their renal parenchymal and it can occur in the unilateral or bilateral kidneys.

Three Grades of renal parenchymal disease

Renal parenchymal disease basically appear echogenic. There are three grades as following:

Grade 1: the kidney parenchyma is isoechoic to the liver, but there is still cortiomedullary differentitation.

Grade 2: the kidney parenchyma is hyperechoic to the liver with preservation of corticomedullary differentitation.

Grade 3: kidney appears hyperechoic. No corticomedullary differentiation!

What Are Causes of the kidney damage?

Many conditions can trigger the renal parenchymal damage, including:

-Lupus (studies estimate that up to 50% of patients diagnosed with lupus erythematosus exerience a renal parenchymal disease known as Lupus Nephritis.

-Bacterial infection


-High Blood Pressure


-Urinary Tract Infection

-Obstruction caused by Kidney Stone, tumors or an enlarged prostate gland in men

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Renal Parenchymal Disease Symptoms

CKD symptoms

Kidneys are important organs that are in charge of our internal body balance. When the damage occur in the renal parenchymal, renal function will be affected, accordingly, patients also suffer from more disorders and symptoms.

1. Common symptoms of renal parenchymal disease


Since the impaired kidney fail to discharge extra water and sodium from the body effectively, they will accumulate in the body tissues, triggering swelling. Usually it often occurs in patients' eyelid, face, legs, ankles and feet.


Proteinuria is a typical symptom among patients with kidney damage. Along with the symptom, patients may also suffer from malnutrition, edema, fatigue and so on.

Muscle cramp

The condition occurs when you suffer from deficiency potassium and hypocalcemia. If you body is lack of calcium, bone problems also will be presented.

Skin disorders

Along with progress of kidney damage, skin disorders also will occur like skin itching, dry skin, pale skin , etc. Itching is due to high building up of phosphorus in the body. Dry skin occurs as the oil gland is impaired and restriction of fluid intake.

High Creatinine Level

High creatinine level is a result of high building up of creatinine. Along with the condition, patients are more likely to suffer from nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite and so on.

Besides, other symptoms like hypertension, frequent urination at night, abnormal urine color, anemia, blood in urine (heamturia), and so on may occur on different patients. All in all, now that patients with renal parenchymal disease may suffer from so many symptoms, the important is to take effective treatments to prevent them.

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Renal Parenchymal Disease Treatment

CKD treatment

Treatment for renal parenchymal disease should aim at improving renal function. If you wanna an individualized treatment plan, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly. Now, let's see the latest kidney disease treatments.

Actually, in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we do mainly use natural treatments which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with western medicines and technology, forming many sets of unique renal disease treatment's theory.

Blood Pollution Therapy

It is a perfect combination of Chinese and western medications. On the one hand, the western medical technologies are used to control patients' symptoms, which mainly use purification technology to remove out the metabolic wastes and inflammatory factors from patient's body. On the other hand, Chinese medicines will be supplied to patients. Actually, the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine has obvious effect in activating blood circulation and removing out blood stasis, which can help repair patient's damaged kidney structure. At the same time, the nutrients that are needed for repairing kidney damage will be transplanted into patient's body, which can enhance kidneys cell's self-handling ability.

Foot Bath

Foot Bath with herbal fluid is one of support kidney disease treatments in our hospital. It has been in an important position since the ancient China. Now, we do use it to treat kidney disease by stimulating original Qi in the kidney meridian. It can help promote blood circulation, increase urine output and promote sweating, which is good for discharging extra wastes from the body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicine. The active ingredients of the treatment can permeated into kidney lesions under the help of osmosis device. Through the functions of dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and supplying necessary nutrients, kidney function can be well recovered from the root.

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Renal Parenchymal Disease Diet﹠Fitness

CKD diet and fitness

Balanced eating plan and healthy lifestyles are the guarantee for keeping body health, so renal parenchymal disease patients should pay more attention to dietary habits and lifestyles. Here we will introduce the friendly-kidney diet and available lifestyles for patients.

Diet suggestions:

1. Low-protein diet but high-quality protein

For patients with kidney damage, it is important to regulate the daily protein intake. Healthy kidneys normally eliminate nitrogen and creatinine from the body, while extra protein can increase the production of these wastes, thus increasing extra strain on the impaired kidneys. Eat a low-protein diet is beneficial for protecting remaining renal function and high-quality protein will supply necessary nutrients to patients.

2. Low-salt food

Healthy kidneys can effectively eliminate excess sodium from the body, but the diseased kidneys fail to do so. In the condition, patients are prone to suffer from high blood pressure or swelling. A diet low in salt will reduce the risk of the two symptoms.

3. Eat enough vitamins

Vitamins are also very important in the human's health. Patients can get enough vitamins through consuming some fresh fruits and vegetables. But patients should pay attention to potassium and phosphorus' contain.

In addition, there are also other requirements patients should know.

1. Limit water intake if you have swelling.

2. Limit intake of phosphorus or potassium if your have hyperphosphatemia and hyperkalemia.

3. Develop a low-sugar diet if you have diabetes.

4. Regulate phosphorus and calcium intake.

Healthy lifestyle tips:

1. Keep away from smoking, drinking and staying up.

2. Do some moderate exercises so as to strengthen immune system.

3. Have a good rest

4. Keep a active attitude

5. Relieve stress through talking, listening music and exercises.

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