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Dialysis Can be Stopped and Patients with Stage 5 CKD Can Be Recovered

Dialysis with stage 5 CKD patients is unavoidable in most cases. But can dialysis dependent patients recover? This question may be always after patients with CKD. Dialysis plays a role of artificial replacement of kidney function, which rem...Read More

Is There Other Alternative of Dialysis and Kidney Transplant for CKD

It is known to all that kidney damage is harmful to our body. Severe kidney damage is even life-threatening. Patients with CKD are striving for the correct methods but still can not get rid of CKD. Dialysis and kidney transplant are the two...Read More

High Creatinine Level treatment in CKD

Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscles. Every 20g muscles can produce 1mg creatinine. Creatinine is filtrated mainly by glomerular and then discharged out of our body. Creatinine level is an important indicator of kidney function. H...Read More

Swelling in CKD and Treatment for Swelling

As it is known to all, CKD is a general term of kidney disease with failed kidney function. There is no obvious sign at the very beginning. With the condition worsening, some symptoms appear, like swelling, proteinuria, anemia. This essay w...Read More

Reserving CKD Stage4 with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Patients with stage 4 CKD lose more than half of their kidney function by the GFR(glomerular filtration rate) reduced to 15-29 ml/min. At this stage kidneys have been severely damaged and timely treatment should be carried to prevent it dev...Read More

Is There Immunotherapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in India

Q: I am a Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 patients and I am from India. I read your immunotherapy. Can it reverse CKD stage 3? Can I find this therapy in India? A: thanks for your message to us. Immunotherapy is a biotherapy which has been u...Read More

TCM for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 and High Creatinine Level 4.8

Chronic kidney stage 3 maybe the most complex stage of kidney disease. Even though it is defined a mild kidney damage stage, different creatinine level may make the medical condition complex. Traditional Chinese Medicine views CKD stage 3 a...Read More

Improve Stage 4 CKD Prognosis by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Stage 4 CKD is the second advanced stage of kidney disease, and it means the severe reduction of renal function. In many countries, patients with stage 4 CKD will need dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future. The following informat...Read More