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Can CKD Patients Eat Olive Oil

For CKD patients, many unhealthy foods can aggravate their condition, so they should follow a restricted diet. Well, can they eat olive oil? Read this article and you can find the answer. Prevent cardiovascular disease Olive oil contains om...Read More

How to Lower Creatinine 4.5 and High Potassium Level in Stage 4 CKD

For people diagnosed with stage 4 CKD, they are usually plagued by many problems. However, if the test show creatinine 4.5 and high potassium level, what would patients do? Mostly, people have two kidneys. Meanwhile, some people are born wi...Read More

Management of CKD Stage 1-2

Though CKD patients usually suffer no symptom, patients shouldnt neglect the disease. If left alone, it may progress into End Stage Renal Disease. Thus, the management of CKD stage 1-2 is very important. If the kidney condition gets well co...Read More

Is Mango Good for CKD Patients

Mango, known as king of the tropical fruit, is rich in sugar, fiber, protein, fat and vitamins. Is mango good for CKD patients? There is a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and risks of mangoes. As mentioned above, mangoes are high in...Read More

How Long It Takes from CKD Stage 4 to CKD Stage 5

As the second advanced stage of kidney disease, if CKD stage 5 can not be treated well, it will gradually develop CKD stage 5. Then how long it tales from CKD stage 4 to CKD stage 5? Well, the answer varies from case to case. For some cases...Read More

Improve Stage 4 CKD Prognosis by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Stage 4 CKD is the second advanced stage of kidney disease, and it means the severe reduction of renal function. In many countries, patients with stage 4 CKD will need dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future. The following informat...Read More

Adjuvant Therapies for Chronic Kidney Disease

Have you received passive treatments dumbly from hospital all the time? Actually, there are more endeavors you can provide to delay the progress of Chronic Kidney Disease. Only through simple Adjuvant Therapies can you gain unexpected harve...Read More

The Causes of Proteinuria in CKD Stage 4

Are you still in torment for refractory protracted CKD Stage 4 with proteinuria that can find no way out? Have you tried various methods but all the efforts are temporary? In fact, all the treatments based on symptoms will finally turn out...Read More