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What Will Happen When Dialysis Stops Working

Many patients with Kidney Failure believe that Dialysis is the only treatment for them. However, is dialysis effective? Experts said that dialysis has a significant clinical effect for the early stage more

What are The Side Effects of Dialysis

It is known to all that kidney is an important organ. Kidney health is vital to the overall health of our body. It acts as a blood cleaner by filtrating the wastes and toxins in the blood and keep more

Can Dialysis Improve Kidney Function

As we all know that kidney plays an important role of maintaining health. The healthy kidney acts as a blood cleaner that helps our body remove the metabolic waste and toxins away and at the same time more

Will I have an addiction to dialysis

Once mentioned dialysis, you will think that will I have an addiction to dialysis? In fact, dialysis is to use a dialysis machine which functions as an artificial kidney to remove the metabolic wastes more

The Disadvantage of Hematodialysis and the natural therapy

Kidney disease is a wide-spread disease in the world. Kidney treatment now attracts more attention. When you suffer from moderate or sever kidney problems, your are often suggested to do dialysis. more

Pros and Cons of Dialysis You Should Know

What are the pros of cons of dialysis treatment ? As a common treatment for kidney disease patients, how much do you know about dialysis? Every coin has two sides, and dialysis is no exception. Now more

Dialysis: How to Maintain Healthy Sexual Life

Dialysis is used to help Kidney Failure patients to filter and clean their blood. According to the study, dialysis affects some patients’ sexual life. However, you need to know it doesn’t have to. more

How to Avoid Dialysis

Blood system in human body is just like a river with various branches, it seems that we cannot choose but receive dialysis once it is filled with a mass of wastes and toxins. Though not all the more

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