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Breathing Problems in Kidney Failure

Why do some Kidney Failure patients suffer breathing problems? What can they do to alleviate their sufferings? If you want to know these answers, please read on. In kidney failure, due to kidney damage, patients may have many health problem...Read More

Is Hemodialysis Appropriate for Kidney Failure due to IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease, which is caused by immune disorder. When the disease develops into Kidney Failure, hemodialysis may be recommended to prolong the life expectancy. However, is this treatment appropriate? See the...Read More

Methods to Treat Sleep problems in Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure patients may have sleep problems, which makes them lack of sleep, aggravating their condition. In this article, some solutions are introduced to solve these sleep problems Restless legs syndrome It is characterized by an urge...Read More

Kidney Failure And Cardiovascular Disease

For people with kidney failure, they can be influenced by many complications, which may interfere patients life quality and survival periods to a large degree. In this article, we will talk about cardiovascular disease in detail. Risk facto...Read More

Methods to Alleviate Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure Patients

Many Kidney Failure patients suffer from itchy skin. Though it is not a serious complication, it indeed annoys patients a lot. There are some methods to alleviate the symptom. Some patients suffer it for a while, while others may be bothere...Read More

Is Aloe Vera a Good Choice for Kidney Failure Patients

Aloe vera contains so many beneficial elements that it is used in medicine, foods and cosmetic. However, besides the many benefits of aloe avers, aloe vera also has some side effects to kidney failure patients. This article will expatiate o...Read More

Diet for Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis

For Kidney Failure patients on dialysis, they have to make changes in their diets and lifestyles. This article will help them make a healthy diet. Why do patients on dialysis need to eat healthily? Normally, metabolic wastes can be filtered...Read More

Causes and Treatments of Swelling Belly in Kidney Failure

Swelling belly is a common symptom of kidney failure patients with hypoproteinemia. You can get detailed information about causes and treatments of swelling belly from this article. The causes of swelling belly in kidney failure There are t...Read More