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Tips for PKD Patients with 31% Kidney Function

What can PKD patients do when the kidney function declines to 31%? If you or your beloved one is plagued by this problem, read on to find the tips. As a genetic disorder, polycystic kidney disease can be passed on from adults to children. A...Read More

Stomach Bloating in PKD Patients

With the progression of PKD, patients may suffer stomach bloating. There are three common reasons of this symptom and some advice to improve it. Swelling in stomach When kidney suffers damage, their glomeruli fail to filter the excess fluid...Read More

Is Fatigue A Sign of PKD

People with PKD can be plagued by many symptoms. However, is fatigue a sign of this inherited disorder? PKD, short for polycystic kidney disease, refers to an illness condition featured with various cysts on both of the kidneys. Honestly sp...Read More

Vitamin C Deficiency in PKD Patients

If PKD patients experience these symptoms, such as pale look, bleeding gums, poor appetite and fatigue, it may indicate they are suffering from vitamin C deficiency. Read on and you can find causes and solutions of these symptoms. Cause of...Read More

Is Polycystic Liver Related to Polycystic Kidney Disease

Many patients are concerned about the renal disease and healthy problem. Is polycystic liver related to polycystic kidney disease? According to the data, PKD patients at the age of 60 or more old will be easy to have polycystic kidney disea...Read More

Limb Numbness in PKD

Digestive disorders usually occur in advanced CKD. It can largely worsen patients condition and lower patients life quality. The following contents may help patients to improve their condition. The early symptoms of this condition include p...Read More

Alternative Remedies For PKD with 25% Kidney Function

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a genetic condition in which various sizes of cysts grow inside and outside of the kidneys. As the disorder develops, the enlarged cysts will interfere with normal function. In this article, we will introduce al...Read More

Is Surgery the Best Treatment for PKD

Is surgery the best treatment for PKD? Maybe lots of people have been troubled by this problem. For this question, you are suggested to keep reading. What is polycystic kidney disease? PKD, abbreviation for polycystic kidney disease, is a g...Read More